DOS to Windows 7, an unlikely upgrade works

By March 25, 20112 Comments

We discovered a fascinating video on a Scottish blogger’s site, ‘Andy’s Tech experiments Blog’. Andy formatted his hard disk with MS-DOS (I’m trying to ignore that there’s a generation of people asking ‘what’s MS-DOS?’). He then installed Windows Version 1 and upgraded through every distinct subsequent version of Windows.

Amazingly DOS applications continued to work in operating systems upto and including Windows 7. Operating system requirements has changed significantly since DOS, which used the FAT16 file system, with its 2GB partition limit. Andy had to convert to FAT32 then to MTFS while varying the partition size but the underlying applications continued to work.

If you’ve been around since the early days of Windows you’ll enjoy a wander through memory lane.


  • It’s amazing what you find trolling late at night, Paul.
    Yes and some of us do remember DOS, not only on the original PC but also on DOS/360.
    Unfortunately age has a habit of erasing many of the finer details.
    Nice looking site Paul. Yet another place I’ll be checking to plagiarise interesting articles.

    Be well and be safe from malevolent and mischievious associations.


  • Paul Brennan says:

    You’re reaching back further than me with DOS/360, Ronnie, I needed to look that one up.

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