We’re testing a new desktop security strategy

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Desktop security is a complex topic. Most clients think of it as antivirus (AV) software, but the product they use for AV protection is likely to be doing a whole lot more for them. It’s also likely to reach deeper into the network than the desktop, to the server and perhaps the firewall.

There are several major players in this space, Why Settle partner with a small number, but each claim technical superiority from the edge of the network to the desktop. In practice, most of our clients have a mixture of security solutions, often one at the firewall and something different taking care of their Windows installation.

Clients and service partners, like Why Settle, are reluctant to change security products. Replacing a reliable product for something new is a risk. It’s also likely to be more time consuming, and therefore more expensive, so security solutions are usually only changed when a problem arises.

From the service partners perspective, to recommend a client changes security strategy is a huge undertaking, we don’t do it lightly. Trouble is, threats and platforms change constantly and some providers react quicker than others.

We’re testing a new desktop product at the moment. Wish us luck…….

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