Managed Antivirus a success, for most, if not all

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A year ago we changed our recommended Desktop Security Strategy. Security is a constantly moving issue, strategies that work well in one place or at one time can fail if they are not robustly updated.

Our new ‘Managed Antivirus’ approach, which involved a whole lot more than just antivirus, has reduced incidents and delivered the improvements we hoped for, but we didn’t roll it out everywhere. Network security is not just about making things secure, you have to ensure the network continues to operate at a workable speed.

Security software interrupts other software and analyses it for threats. The performance of this interaction depends on the application, the security software, other active applications, as well as the operating system and even software patches.

A few of our client networks performed poorly with Managed Antivirus so we reverted to previous strategies and established a planned series of patching and testing.

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