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eBay today announced to the stock market (still not on their shopping portal) that all their customers’ user name, password, email address, physical addresses, phone numbers and date of birth have been stolen in a cyber-attack. If you have an eBay account you should change your password immediately.

It is equally important to change login details at other accounts which use the same or a similar password. If you use the same email address and password combination at any other site the cyber-criminals will be able to login there and transact on your account.

There is a high degree of certainty that the stolen information has not been used on eBay yet. Such

activity would set off alarms which would inhibit the criminals’ ability to use information on other sites, so it is urgent that you change the same password across all sites assoon as possible. Now the leak has been detected, eBay itself is likely to be attacked. The stolen information is likely to be widely available eventually to a wide series of criminal gangs.

That one of the world’s biggest online businesses has been hacked should reiterate how important it is to remain vigilant with your personal and business IT security – both online and on the connected network in your office. Much of your personal information, such as your address, place of
birth and mother’s maiden name is either publicly available by statute or easily accessed, so NEVER use questions like this to confirm your identity.

Try to use long and complex passwords, i.e. combinations of alpha, numeric and special characters (£, !). Those with simple passwords, which eBay previously allowed, will be easily compromised, whereas those with long and complex passwords are likely to be safe. A good tip is to combine a couple of words and swap characters, for example, g1@sgoW£d1n8urgh22. You will soon know the complex password by heart and you can increment the number when asked to change your password.

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