Microsoft price increase in the post

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Microsoft UK have announced a price increase from 1 January 2017 of between 13% and 22% to bring GPB prices into line with euro levels.

The increase will apply to Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Office 365 and other business software. Subscriptions for products like Office 365 are protected from the increase for their initial 12 month period.

This is the first price increase for Office 365 since its release, previous price movements were all downwards, and it has been many years since we have seen cost increases for Windows and Office.

As you will already be aware, this summer saw particularly volatile pricing for everything from PCs to IT security products, most of which are ultimately denominated in US dollars. The volatility has calmed but all GBP prices are higher than they were earlier this year across the board.

Trying hard to suppress political comment here………….

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