Cloud backup and Business Continuity

Remember the days of having Monday-through-Friday tapes?  That was once the extent of backup planning for most small businesses.  These days most people need more than just a week’s scope for their data.  Ransomware attacks will encrypt tapes, before taking out the server.  Anything which can be accesses by a network user, including tapes, can fall under the same threat panorama.

Most Why Settle clients use their broadband at night to securely pass their data to an indelible store.  Nothing can reach or delete the data.  What’s more, we can invoke the recovery of an entire server – the operating system and data – in a matter of minutes from our data cloud  Clients can login remotely, access their files, send and receive email, or update a database.

No one needs to put up with the ‘What if? risk.  You can secure your data, set parameters for recovery in minutes not hours, and you can even test these processes as often as you like to make sure the systems are in place when you really need them.  The era of worrying for hours or even days when or if you would be back up and running are over.

A decade ago this kind of Business Continuity was so expensive it the exclusive preserve of large enterprises.  Now it’s part of the standard service most small businesses can expect.  If this isn’t how your network is maintained, you should be speaking to us!