Protection from threats.

Securing the Network is now such an instinctive part of business discipline you will hopefully have little new to learn on the subject, but as the way we work changes, security plans must change also.

Keeping on top of security is never straightforward but doing simple things well can help.  Why Settle can ensure internet firewalls always have up-to-date security patches, enforce secure login procedures and, of course, deploy network-wide protection from malware.

Did you know 97% of infected computers were left vulnerable because they did not receive already-available security updates?  When staying one step ahead of threats is so difficult, simple things like security patching at the right time (note, this doesn’t necessarily mean as soon as the patch is available) will make it less likely that your network will be hit.  Even security patching takes proper planning, however.  Patching is a business interruption, it can also bring your PC or server to a halt – which is why you should wait on some feedback from the early installers of each patch before deploying.

Why Settle deploy security patches in a controlled manner, soon after they are confirmed safe.

When we adopt a new client it’s common to find the firewall on the network has the same malware signature it left the factory with years earlier.  This will keep you safe from whatever was going around in 2010 but it’s useless for any malware worthy of the name developed recently.

For many companies, the intrinsic value of their business is tied-up in their data. Customer records, email correspondence, work reports and cost information describes the core of the business in great detail.

Keeping the Network secure should be a priority.

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