Network and IT support

Why Settle has been supporting networks since 1996 which makes us one of the most experienced Managed Service Providers in Scotland.

Networks are a whole lot more stable now than they were then, but the challenges are increasingly complex, dependency on email, web access and the applications we use to run our businesses has become absolute on many occasions.

When your users login they need to be productive and for that to happen, your network needs to run smoothly. This is our business.
Around all of this, we need layers of security, strong processes and educated users.

How we help

We monitor your network 24×7 and catch alerts as they occur.

Our clients come overwhelmingly from the professional services, people who depend on their networks and email to get their work done, and who don’t need to ponder the cost of downtime. They come to Why Settle because we offer the very best service in Scotland.

Our staff are experienced, qualified and dedicated to living up to our well-established reputation.

Our People
Data is key

We analyse granular network traffic information

Understanding it is our talent

We use industry leading technologies to monitor your network

We Monitor.

network traffic Stats and graphs
Detailed stats
Silent operator

We quietly work in the background to keep your network up to date.

We are proactive

Keeping your network safe, secure and reliable.

Security is so much more than just having a good firewall.

Securing the Network is now such an instinctive part of business discipline you will hopefully have little new to learn on the subject, but as the way we work changes, security plans must change also.

Keeping on top of security is never straightforward but doing simple things well can help.

For many companies, the intrinsic value of their business is tied-up in their data. Customer records, email correspondence, work reports and cost information describes the core of the business in great detail.

Keeping the Network secure should be a priority.

Anytime anywhere access, always up to date, no physical hardware.

Cloud based services are changing the way we work and share information, with the most immediate impact on what we pay to use software like Office and email.

Businesses no longer need to make significant up-front investments in expensive email, file storage and multi-location collaboration systems.  With products like Office 365 there is no longer any need to invest in up-front licence costs.

Cloud servers can now host your data and files, so you don’t need to buy large physical servers, or continually replace an expensive backup.

Why Settle have migrated dozens of clients onto cloud based offerings and will be able to give you some insights into the process.  Get in touch and we’ll show you how.

A decade ago this kind of Business Continuity was so expensive it was exclusively for large enterprises.

3, 2, 1.

That is all you need to know about backup.

Three – copies on your data. One in production, the second in some form of onsite backup, the third – offsite.

This is the golden rule of backup.

Ransomware attacks will encrypt local backups, before taking out the server.  Anything which can be accesses by a network user, including ext hdd’s, can fall under the same threat panorama.

Most Why Settle clients use their broadband at night to securely pass their data to an indelible store.  Nothing can reach or delete the data.  What’s more, we can invoke the recovery of an entire server from our data cloud.

Domains, Websites, Hosting, SSL, DNS + all the other buzz words you have no idea about.

Just owning a domain name for your company brings about lots of management tasks. We can help with these, and keep your web services under one roof.

We take care of many of our clients websites, hosting DNS and email – this means making changes, be it a company name change, or website update need not be an issue for them. Whether we build the website for you, or simply host it, you know you have full control – and easy contact for future needs.

Can you take over from my current provider?
Yep. We would love to, and can also assist in the migration of your website to our hosting. (we will also probably beat them on price!)
Do you host data in the UK?
Our main web servers are located in the UK, however we also have a couple dotted about the world.
Do you build websites?
We do! and would love to hear from you with any queries you may have. We offer free no-obligation quoting on all websites- so don’t be scared to get in touch!

Let’s Change How You Do WiFi

It's one of those technologies, that once set up - you should be able to forget about. We believe in a better WiFi for all businesses, and have the tools and experience necessary to cure your WiFi woes.

We can help with any WiFi solutions you may need. We have worked on everything from 120 acre outdoor installations, to small box room WiFi for one person. We provide enterprise solutions on an small business budget.

Voip & Telecoms

Why Settle’s phone service makes your companies phones easy.



Easily adaptable service as you grow.


Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing options available

Reliable, robust platform

runs on our partners highly resilient network.

No PBX hardware

complete PBX functionality without the hardware - get rid of your old noisy phone system.


Opens up remote working possibilities, work from the office or home with your work number following you.


Unlimited internal calls between colleagues, highly competitive external call packages.

Enough talk, get in touch