Software is the glue that holds many companies together

Software drives efficiency, which drives profits, market share and ultimately the health of the business.

We have completed hundreds of software projects, but they all start with some common themes:

“Our people could work more efficiently.”

“We can gain an advantage if we could provide customers with better information.”

“We spend three days doing work we should be able to complete in two hours.”

Although the technologies we use and the environments we deploy has changed over the years, the drivers for every software project has remained remarkably consistent.

Our clients work in competitive environments and need to work smarter.  We work in the property, health care, retail, financial services, local authority and hospitality sectors, among others.

What our software does

We write software to make business processes more efficient. Our CRM solutions allow clients to keep on top of sales and opportunities. Our compliance modules make sure work is carried out 'to the letter' - and that our clients can prove it and our stock systems enable tight inventory management.

Our clients have grown in size and complexity, significantly beyond what would be possible to control, without our software.


Experience is the most valuable asset in software development, more so than knowledge. Since our first project in 1996 we have seen the same issues arise in defining what is needed (the specification of requirements), ensuring user testing is thorough and knowing there will always be more reports wanted than anyone first expected!

The second most valuable asset is mastering the art of getting attentive time from our clients' busy staff. Development is a collaborative process, a team is formed between us and our client for the duration of the work. This is where the success of the project lies.

Your app vision, our expertise.

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