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Why, Why Settle

Managing your computer network and IT investment is not just about keeping things running, that’s only where it begins.  Today it is just as important to protect your data from security risks and be able to adapt to changing user requirements.

Our clients work as lawyers, property professionals, or in other services, but, to some extent, their backoffice operations look like tech businesses, who depend on safe and reliable use of IT resources.  That’s where we become useful.

For the most part, we deal with straightforward support issues: PC performance, connection issues, home working and Microsoft 365 changes, but it gets interesting too.

We take security seriously.  Some of the most resourceful businesses in the world have been hacked, so we can never be complacent, but there are clear and obvious practices that take care of 99% of threats.  If someone is going to hack you, make them work hard.

Keep everything up to date, monitor constantly and ask the hard questions.  When things go wrong, there are usually ref flags that were ignored.

Our environment changes so quickly.  What was good advice a year ago can be acutely out of date now.  How best to setup your email to make sure you have the lowest chance of a hack is an example of this.  As recently as 2022, Multifactor Authentication was regarded as sufficient, today, we know better.

You will not speak to a call handler at Why Settle.  Average staff service period is currently 13 years.  You deal with experienced and skilled people, who are at the top of their profession.

“We have worked with Why Settle for over 10 years and the team are always very helpful, friendly and efficient.”

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Some of the ways we can help you

IT Support

Whilst a good quality old network may be stable, it may also be slowing down your productivity. Let us come in and do the monitoring to keep you running in that sweet spot.


Office WiFI old, slow or patchy? We use the latest WiFI technologies from trusted companies, pontoons, event venue's, indoor and outdoor - we've done it.

Web Hosting

Being ripped off by your current hosting provider? We can help. We also develop, create and maintan many of our own clients websites.

Voip & Telecoms

We currently provide Voip to multiple clients, our platform brings added flexibility allowing you to work wherever you are, via the app out and about or physical handset in the office.

We also do Software & Application Development

We develop custom database applications using a wide range of technologies for browser, desktop or smart phone.

  • Web or Software based
  • Easy to use interface design
  • Totally customisable and tailored to your needs
  • We work with multiple platforms and languages.

More on Development

Software Development

More on Network support

IT Support

We're not always at our desks - occasionally we're allowed out to play

We supply some of the biggest brands

Whysettle use sophos nextgen firewalls
WhySettle install unifi and ubiquiti
WhySettle supplies Microsoft Windows
WhySettle supplies Microsoft 365

Enough talk, lets see how we can help you