Network downtime is, fortunately, a very rare occurrence these days, but a quick and effective resolution to the problems and inconveniences which blight your users’ day is enormously important.

This is where Why Settle get it right, and we’ve been doing so since 1996. We understand the nuances and requirements of the legal sector. As a result, we support more solicitors firms in Scotland than any other IT Network Management company. We are the people making sure that systems are available and deals are concluded on time. If a router falters in Fife, or a server in Stirling has interrupted the flow of work for a legal office, we were probably the people who got things moving.

Property companies also come to Why Settle in large numbers. Surveyors share a lot in common with lawyers: their work is critically important, highly sensitive and cannot be allowed to slip.

Our people are what makes Why Settle different.

In the Scottish IT sector it is rare to find a company where the majority of the team (7) have over 10 years’ service. This has given us the stability to build excellent processes and retain the experience necessary to stay in front.

We will support your network servers, infrastructure, firewalls, routers, security and more. Our long systems heritage is with on-premises Windows Servers, Exchange Server and database application development but a lot of our work is now in the cloud, with Office 365, Exchange Online and SharePoint.

Paul Brennan

Paul Brennan

Managing Director

Because you're always on. Always.

With 20 years in the business, few know more about Managing and Securing IT Networks

Why Settle for anything less?